Peer Support Specialists

If you want to learn more about peer support specialists, you’re in the right place. Read to learn about who we are, where we work, and get answers to frequently asked questions.

Who are PSS?

A Peer Support Specialist (PSS) is an individuals who is personally living well in recovery from a serious mental illness.  A Peer Support Specialist uses their recovery story to instill hope.  They provide support to other peers and assist them in reaching and maintaining their personal recovery goals. In addition, a PSS can serve as an advocate, provide information, help access community resources, and model competency in recovery and wellness. Peer Support Specialists promote skills for improving mental and physical wellbeing and increasing resiliency.  They promote self-determination and support peers in maintaining relationships and increasing a higher level of control and satisfaction over their lives.

Where do PSS work?

Peer Support Specialists are employed in mental health facilities, social service agencies, peer run recovery centers, peer run respites, integrated health homes, hospitals, prisons, with law enforcement agencies and other healthcare organizations.  Peer Support Specialists may also serve on a variety of advisory boards and committees at local, state, and national levels.